On this page you can find out more about the organisation, what we aim to achieve and the plans and strategies in place to meet our targets. 


This is an initiative started by concerned youth of the Slovoville community west of Johannesburg, aimed at addressing the problems it faces to improve the quality of life of its residents. Each stage of the project’s implementation will restore dignity, foster a real sense of safety and enable all to share in the pride of our community.

          This is a step in the right direction of instilling a culture of social responsibility and collective governance on a nationwide scale. The mentality of entitlement amongst many South African citizens is sure to cripple our country that is already called a welfare nation given the many different grants it awards. While most are legitimate claims, others are a drain on resources that can be avoided, such as AIDS and child grants. The surplus that will be recovered can rather be used for development, investment and tangible service delivery for its entire people.

          A step at a time is all that is require. With passion, dedication, persistence and key players all driven in the direction of growth, this big vision can become a reality in the near future. 

Implementation Programmes

 Various programmes have been created that  will collectively contribute towards achieving the outcome of the organisation. They are as follows:

  • Aesthetics and Beatification
  • Arts and Hobbies
  • Business Start-ups and Development
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Sports and Games
Each programme has a set of activities tasks and that continually take place, conducted either by staff or volunteers that avail themselves. Due to a lack of resources, not all the programmes will be able to run simultaneously - some not until sufficient funding has been secured.
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Main Outcomes

 1.     Employment creation and up-skilling

This will be a 3-pronged approach where;

·        youth and adults will be engaged in activities that employ theirs abilities locally;

·        improve their skills with proper training in preparation for the formal sector;

·        assist those unemployed that have qualifications and/or experience to secure occupation.

2.     Poverty alleviation

·        Through sustainable employment and various interventions, enable residents to provide for themselves and their families. This will include starting residential food gardens.

3.     Crime reduction and prevention

·        The petty crimes are an indication of desperation for money to acquire food and other household goods (as the stolen items are usually sold quickly for far less than their value).

·        With employment and involvement in constructive activities, crime will be greatly reduced  and cases of drug and alcohol abuse minimised as a result. A continued culture of this gives hope to prevention of these destructive tendencies.

4.     Social governance

·        Since the dawn of democracy, many have looked to the new government to provide almost everything for them on a silver platter. Given the enormous scale of satisfying the needs of the population, most of which live in appalling conditions, a majority have not fed from the fruits of the democracy.

·        Working actively with the councillor on grassroots issues will realise the government’s manifesto on achieving its service delivery promises, as well as contributing to the Millennium Development Goals.

5.     Sustainable development

·        This RDP’s landscape has not changed much since its inception, if anything its become increasingly dilapidating. Many households survive on low incomes or multiple grants.

·        Development in the areas of construction, business, aesthetics, cultural and artistic participation will form the pillars by which we can grade the progress of the Slovoville community.

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